# Careers in Salesforce

Salesforce is a strong career option to consider if you have anything to do with technology or business. Also, it is a bright career option in your future if you have the will to learn.

In short..

Almost anyone can embrace salesforce.

The bigger question, however, is - what exactly do you want to do?

We see the answer to that question in three buckets depending on what you want to do and what your background is.

Description Technology 💻 Bridge 🙆 Business 🏢
Nature (person) You see yourself as delving more and more into technology and applying it to solve world's problems (hello there, partner!) You understand business and a bit of technology, and try to get everything together to a harmonious state. You care about business. Technology is an enabler
What you deal with? Understand application improvements, implementation complexities, how business groups use application, and how technology can benefit business. Create magic using technology to solve real problems Delve deeper into business problems, closely work with business groups and suggest how technology can solve problems Help customers in your specific field - be it life sciences, consumer goods, high technology, or something else. Your job is to ensure your customers are successful by using your products or services
Trade / Tools of trade (opinionated) Configuration and/or customisation on Salesforce, Application administration, programming languages, worksheets, work/project management applications Worksheets, slide decks, user stories, epics Function enablers on Salesforce - as a user, variety of other tools to manage your work
Common Careers Developers, Administrators, Project Managers, IT Architects, IT Consultants Business/Functional Analysts, Process Consultants Business SMEs, Business Managers, Sales Representatives, Service Representatives, Marketing Professionals

Being a technology-focused site, we focus on the first two buckets. Here are a few more points that may be worth mulling over to choose your "dream" career.

# Be an Administrator

Consider being an administrator if -

  • your current strengths are / you are looking forward to maintain/manage Salesforce application
  • you like to click on things and get stuff done
  • you may even have other responsibilities or other applications to manage in addition to Salesforce
  • you are from business background or may move to business

Your progression may be on the business OR technology side of things depending on what you choose in your future.

# Be a Developer

Consider being a developer if -

  • you like to work with code
  • comfortable with configuration tasks and can apply it to a given situation
  • you are a technocrat or you don't care much for the meaning of 'technocrat', while secretly wishing for technocracy

Your progression may be continuing to creating magic using tech, or moving on to become more boring IT architects, technology managers, or horror - project managers.

# Be a Business Analyst

Consider business analyst as a profession if -

  • you love solving business problems applying the right mix of process, people and tools
  • coordinate amongst a complex set of individuals and systems to evolve business solutions that can be implemented on given technology platforms
  • you believe your future is in business-side of things, but rest of people don't "get you"

Your progression may be on the business OR technology side of things depending on what you choose in your future.

# Education-driven factors

If you are one of those weird people who decides everything based on their education -

  1. If you are technology oriented - engineering, tech school and such: choose a developer career
  2. If you don't like coding but can manage application through click + configuration - consider being an application admin
  3. If you don't fit into either, have a MBA degree but don't want to jump in core business yet - choose business analyst line of work

We don't judge and don't want to say bad things that almost all people know but never talk about - you are not your degree. So, never constrain yourself and explore all available options.

# Conclusion

We don't preach - choose your way and make it yours.

There may be no one right answer for you right now and you may want to explore things while figuring out what exactly you want to like (or do).

Or, you may work or look forward to work in a weird organisation that has a weird set of rules - and you may be playing all roles or no roles in one go.

See career path page on Trailhead to see a more detailed outline of various careers in Salesforce.